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Lani listens, Lani’s here for us, and Lani knows how to get things done.

Lani’s campaign is for all of us.

Meet Lani

Lani is committed to community involvement and brings a wealth of experience to her campaign. She serves on the Executive Committee of the Santa Cruz Chapter of the Sierra Club, the Community Traffic Safety Coalition, and is a member of the local NAACP chapter. She spent nearly 15 years managing clinical trials for biotechnology companies, an experience that gives her a proven track record of facilitating collaborations between government agencies and the private sector. She taught science at UC Davis and other colleges. Lani was a beloved Mountain Biking Coach for over 7 years. Everywhere Lani works, she’s known as a coalition builder.



In the coming election, we have a chance to change the direction of this county. We can elect a candidate that will listen to all of us and guide our county towards a future that reflects our shared values and dreams. However, it will not be an easy task. 

Your contribution, no matter the size, will help us reach more people, amplify their voices and champion the causes that matter most to our community.

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