Dear No Way Greenway Supporters,

Together we built a landslide defeat of the Deceptive Measure D proposal to tear out the tracks, kill our transit future and delay trail construction. After that historic victory, we thought that our elected officials would respect the will of their constituents and work toward trail construction and planning for rail service.

But that has not been the case. Some politicians are still trying to stop construction of the trail! This is a threat to the rail and trail that we must take seriously.

Recently, Supervisor Manu Koenig (District 1) wasted everyone’s time grandstanding and refusing to accept the Environmental Impact Report for Rail Trail segments 8 & 9, which were just funded for construction. True to his Greenway background, Koenig continues to propose tearing out the tracks to put in the supposed ‘interim’ trail. His failures to listen don’t stop with the Rail & Trail. First District residents are complaining about his focus on his wealthiest constituents rather than the majority of First District residents. Whether it’s Coastal Commission policy, parking programs, bike lanes, housing or zoning – small businesses and constituents are upset with the incumbent.

One strategically placed government official can do a whole lot of damage if they have an agenda that’s not aligned with the will of our community. The Board of Supervisors is a small body (only 5 elected supervisors) so just one troublesome supervisor can make it difficult for the board to get things done for all of us. This is why all of us, no matter which district we live in, should care about the District 1 supervisor’s race.

That’s why the No Way Greenway Campaign Committee is excited to support Lani Faulkner for First District Supervisor. Lani brings a wealth of experience from her successful career in Biotechnology to her community involvement. Lani serves on the Executive Committee of the Santa Cruz Chapter of the Sierra Club, the Community Traffic Safety Coalition, Equity Transit, Friends of the Rail & Trail and the NAACP. Her work on the Democratic Central Committee and with local union leaders has given her the connections and relationships needed to get things done. Her experience working with government agencies is exactly what we need in a local leader.

First District residents asked Lani to run for First District Supervisor because she’s a true part of the community who raised her family in Live Oak . She makes herself available, knows how to listen and is committed to finding common ground. Lani’s diplomatic approach to problem solving will help our whole community.

This race has direct consequences for not just the First District but the whole County. In a time when we need to bring the community together to solve some of the tough challenges ahead of us, we need a Supervisor who works well with others.

Will you join us in supporting Lani for Supervisor? Lani's Launch Party will be held on June 11 at De Laveaga Park, Forty Thieves Picnic area from 2 to 4pm.

Early endorsement and donations are important. You can add your name and support Lani in other ways here: Endorse Lani for Supervisor

Feel free to call us if you would like to discuss this remarkable candidate.

Matt Farrell and Sally Arnold
831-331-7496 and 831-419-4622
No Way Greenway Campaign Committee