Newsletter - December 2023          
Building Bridges. Connecting Community. 

Lani sweeps 14 major organizational endorsements from the First District incumbent!

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Happy Holidays

This season, when the nights are long and the daylight hours are short, my family, our campaign team, and I hope you can take time during the holidays to share food, music, and stories with your loved ones. We wish you and yours Happy Holidays and a peaceful and abundant New Year.

Organizations Endorse Lani

We are thrilled to share that Lani Faulkner has been officially endorsed by 14 highly esteemed organizations, including the coveted Democratic Women’s Club, the Democratic Central Committee, Planned Parenthood, and the State Democratic Party!

Seven (7) major unions have endorsed Lani,  including the SEIU-521, SEIU-UHW, SMART Local-0023, and the union of unions, the Monterey Bay Central Labor Council which comprises over 80 unions! Collectively, these union endorsements represent over 200,000+ members! 

These are important successes as these esteemed endorsers have chosen Lani over the incumbent supervisor!  

Stay tuned as our list of endorsements continues to grow! You can follow our endorsement progress on our Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Leaders Endorse Lani

Lani has received endorsements from numerous well-respected leaders, including former Assemblymember Mark Stone, former First District Supervisor John Leopold and several Live Oak, Soquel, and Cabrillo College School Board Trustees. 

I am proud to have the support of incredible women leaders including former County Health Officer, Dr. Gail Newel, and local leaders representing environmental, early childhood, and medical professionals like Pauline Seales, Julie Olsen Edwards, and Dr. Anne Lopez. 

On September 19th, Mark Stone and John Leopold partnered with Live Oak School Board Trustees to host a public event endorsing Lani For Supervisor to a full house of over 100 people at the Live Oak Grange! Check out the video for that here.

You Can Endorse Lani

Please double-check to make sure you see your name on the list of endorsers on our campaign website HERE. If you do not see your name, you may have joined our mailing list but you may have missed the extra step required to endorse

To join our growing list of endorsers click the button below to visit our website. Then navigate to to the bottom of the Endorsements page and click “Click HERE to Add Your Endorsement”!

Endorse Lani Here

A People’s Campaign for Lani

We’re on a roll, and have been gaining momentum ever since the kickoff event in DeLaveaga Park back in June, jam-packed with 150 community members supporting the campaign! If you want some of that kickoff flavor, please watch a video of the event HERE or read about it HERE.  

People are excited about the prospect for change which has propelled our campaign forward. Lani listens. Lani  is running to amplify the voices of the unheard and dissatisfied. Community members who’ve worked with Lani reached out and encouraged her to run including seniors, people with disabilities, school board members, firefighters, environmental educators, transportation advocates, small business owners and folks from the rural and urban parts of the community. 

"The message I hear over and over is that their voices are not being heard and their needs are not being met with the incumbent supervisor whose limited experience and skills around collaborative leadership has resulted in a number of frustrated community members across the community.”


How Can You Help?

A county supervisor’s vote impacts the entire county! Whether you live in the first district or not, your contribution, endorsement and other forms of support is critical if you want a Supervisor who cares about issues that concern everyone, whether you live in Bonny Doon or Davenport, from San Lorenzo Valley to Watsonville. Since so many of us live in the unincorporated areas, without a mayor, without a city council, having a good County Supervisor to serve you is especially important.

Please Contribute! The FPPC Deadline is December 31st

The FPPC end of year fundraising deadline is Sunday December 31st and we need your help to meet our goal of raising $15,000 before midnight at the end of the year! Every dollar helps us get our campaign message to more people through yard signs, mailers, and media ads. We can’t do this without you! The incumbent’s supporters include those who have nearly unlimited wealth so we truly are in a David-and-Goliath situation.  

In the spirit of Bernie Sander’s, every dollar you donate goes towards a campaign we’re building together, so if you can afford $7, $25, $50, or $525,  please contribute what is possible for you. You can donate up to a maximum of $525.00. If you have not donated the maximum amount, please consider donating again. 

Contributions can be made quickly online HERE or see instructions HERE if you would like to write a check. Read on to learn about other ways to help!

Contribute to support Lani's Campaign


Yard Signs: Order yours here!

We’re excited so many of you have been asking about yard signs. These signs are crucial for keeping the campaign visible until election day, March 5, 2024 and we're getting ready to distribute them to you. You might have already seen the signs of the incumbent around town. We’re ready to fight back! 

Please click HERE to request your yard sign. The signs will be delivered to you sometime in the next few weeks until we run out.  We'll even put it up in your yard for you!

Walk with Us! Volunteer!

Come walk with us and join us in talking to First District neighbors about our campaign and leave our campaign literature at people’s doors. We can partner you with an experienced person. Drop a note here if you would like to join us, Saturdays or any day of the week: [email protected]

Every Saturday morning from 9:30 am – 11:00 am until the election on March 5th, 2024, team leads will be available in person to assign walk lists to volunteers and provide any training needed on the spot.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” 

Let’s go together!

Follow us, Like and Comment on our posts on both Facebook and Instagram and invite your friends and neighbors to do the same, so that our posts reach more people in our community.

Contribute to support Lani's Campaign


Learn more about Lani

Thank you for making it through the UPDATE portion of the newsletter. If you’ve recently joined this list and haven’t received emails before or seen what Lani has been up to on Social Media, the following segment is a ‘get to know Lani’ segment which  goes more in depth on her experience and awareness of the hottest issues of this district and county. Feel free to keep reading to learn more about Lani Faulkner.

Experienced Professional and Collaborator

I have a bachelor’s and master's degree in human physiology with an emphasis on biochemical endocrinology. Professionally, I’ve worked in environmental education with the State Department of Education, served as an adjunct college science professor after graduate school, and for over 12 years, worked in the biomedical industry at companies including Johnson & Johnson for 6 years, collaborating nationally and internationally across agencies and functions including regulatory, legal, health care compliance, with the FDA, hospitals, and clinics. These experiences taught me how to efficiently and successfully work to solve thorny, complex problems with large-scale projects as well as manage multi-million dollar budgets.. 

You can see more details of my professional and volunteer contributions on my campaign web page . Follow my endorsements and campaign activities on Facebook and Instagram and view my professional experience on LinkedIn.

Lani is involved in community at every level

I’ve lived in the First District for 16 years and in Santa Cruz County for 27 years, including 8 years in Boulder Creek and time in Happy Valley and South County. I've contributed to numerous grant applications which helped to bring millions of dollars to our County.

Community service is integral to my life. I am a State Delegate with the Democratic Party which is a great opportunity to communicate with our State legislators. Having someone in the role of Supervisor who knows how to collaborate well and build bridges with our legislators to attract more funding for our county is important. As we prepare for disasters and climate change, manage our transportation and traffic woes, and seek out of the box solutions in addressing our housing and homelessness crisis, now more than ever, we need a Supervisor who is committed to connecting our community together to address these challenges.

NICA certified trainer as a middle and high school mountain biking coach for 7-years. I serve on the Community Traffic Safety Coalition working to address our extremely high rate of pedestrian and cyclist deaths due to car crashes, ensuring our most vulnerable, seniors, people with disabilities, and children, can safely walk and bike in their neighborhoods. 

I spent 5 years supporting youth musical theater. You might also see me volunteering at the Homeless Garden Project or as a safety and de-escalation volunteer with the Rainbow Defense Coalition, as I did for the repainting of the Black Lives Matter mural or at Beach Day where hundreds of volunteers make it possible for people with disabilities to participate in activities on the beach and in the water, or serving as an aid station captain or water safety monitor for Ironman.


Growing up in rural California, I am keenly aware of the risks we face with the danger of fire, landslides, poor road conditions, and other concerns our community members face.  I’ve met with leaders from the Fire Safe Council, Firewise Program, and the Shady Fuel Break project at the Summit. Disaster preparedness and prevention and wise climate actions are important to address as a community and are critical conversations we need to have. 

As a scientist and environmental educator, I was elected to serve as an executive committee member for the Santa Cruz Chapter of the Sierra Club. I am a stakeholder with the Office of Response, Recovery, and Resilience. I worked on the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, on the Santa Cruz City Climate Action Plan committee last year, and participated in a recent grant application seeking funding for Resiliency Centers for our County.


As a community stakeholder on the County Housing Element and the CalTrans Housing Work Group, I helped address questions and contributed to solutions regarding our housing affordability crisis. Maintaining and growing our affordable housing stock is critical for seniors and people on fixed incomes. We need truly affordable housing so our community members who work here can afford to live here. We struggle to keep positions filled in our county when few people earning the average income can afford the average rent or home price. I am committed to working on solutions with leaders and community members.


As founder and director of, I’ve advocated for robust public transit, providing equitable environmentally wise access to school, work, shopping and parks as well as advocated for rent stabilization of mobile home parks and all affordable housing projects in the First District. I served locally as a stakeholder with ReImagine Metro, helping to bring 15-minute world class service to our community and worked with national organizations, like the Sierra Club and Labor Network for Sustainability to bring National Transit Equity Day to Santa Cruz County for the first time. In January, Equity Transit partnered with over 30 organizations and hosted a panel of experts discussing the intersection of robust transit, safe streets and housing which was attended by over 180 community members. A video of our 2023 event can be viewed HERE and speeches by community leaders at our 2022 event can be viewed HERE.


You may have seen our Community Volunteers and me at the Live Oak Farmers Market, knocking on doors, or participating in a number of local activities. We’ve been making our way throughout the community! Our Campaign was invited to march in the 4th of July Parade along East Cliff Drive, Live Oak Elementary School activities, Moonshine Crossroads held a concert for our campaign in a Live Oak neighborhood, we’ve been hosted on KSQD, held meet and greets at mobile home parks, and joined in support of Santa Cruz Black, Campaign for Organic Regenerative Agriculture, the Water Festival, and many important causes. Come meet our team at our table at the Farmer’s Market and make sure to pick up a Lani For Supervisor button. 

If you see me out and about, please stop and say hello and let me know what you feel is important to know about for our community!

Happiest of Holidays. Thank you for your support! Thanks for making it all the way to the end of the entire newsletter! Please visit our website and social media accounts to stay current on our campaign! 

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” 

Let’s go together!