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California Senator Bill Monning

Congressman Sam Farr
Democratic Endorsements: CA State, SC Dem Central Committee, Womens Dem Club, Pajaro Valley Dems

Union Endorsements 11 total: SEIU-521, SEIU 2015, SEIU-UHW, SMART Local 023,  SMART State Division, LiUNA, MBCLC, Building Trades, Operating Engineers Local 3


Organization Endorsements 9 Total: BAYMEC, Planned Parenthood, Sierra Cluub, Strongtowns, SC for Bernie, 3.q4 Action Fund, Dolores Huerta Action Fund, Campaign for Sustainable Transportation, SC Mountain Alliance

Mark Stone Endorsement

John Leopold Endorsement

Marlize Velasco


Elected Leaders

Bill Monning, Former California State Senator (2012-2020), Majority Leader Emeritus*

Sam Farr, Former California Congressman (1993-2016)* 

Mark Stone, Former California State Assemblymember*

John Leopold, Former First District Supervisor*

Fred Keeley, Mayor, City of Santa Cruz, Former California State Assemblymember*

Rod Diridon, Emeritus Executive Director, Mineta Transportation Institute*

Dr. Gloria Duffy, former Deputy Assistant US Secretary of Defense*

Vanessa Quiroz-Carter, Watsonville Mayor Pro Tempore*

Christina Cuevas, Cabrillo College Trustee, District 2*

Bruce Van Allen, President, Santa Cruz County Board of Education, Former Santa Cruz City Councilmember, Mayor*

Edward Estrada, Santa Cruz County Board of Education Trustee, Democratic State Assembly Delegate*

Kristin Pfotenhauer, President, Board of Trustees, Live Oak School Board*

Jeremy Ray, Live Oak School Board Trustee, Former Firefighter*

Marlize Velasco, Live Oak School Board Trustee*

Amanda Jackson Miller, President, Board of Trustees, Soquel Union Elementary School District*

Kallista Edmundson, Vice President, Board of Trustees, Soquel Union Elementary School District*

Ted Donnelly, Board of Trustees, Soquel Union Elementary School District*

Claudia Vestal, Trustee at Santa Cruz City Schools Board*

Michelle Jones, Board of Trustees Member, Mountain Elementary School District*

Marissa Swett, President, Board of Trustees Member, Mountain Elementary School District*

Kate Hinnenkamp, Former Live Oak School Board Trustee*

Pat O'Connell, Retired Fire Chief, Former Board of Directors, Branciforte Fire Protection District*

Larry Pageler, Former Board Chair, Branciforte Fire Protection District, Metro Board, President of the Santa Cruz Museum Association*

Patricia Brissenden, First Elected Woman Port Commissioner, Chief of Staff for Sam Farr*

John Brissenden, Co-Founder of Land Trust Santa Cruz, Former Alpine County Supervisor, Live Oak School Board Trustee*

Andrew Goldenkranz, Chair, Democratic Central Committee*

Lynda Marin, Bonny Doon School Board Trustee, Citizens Climate Lobby Santa Cruz*

Mark Becker, President, SLVUSD Board of Trustees*

Igor Tregub, Chair of CADEM Environmental Caucus*

Peter Ortiz, San Jose City Councilmember, District 5*

Dennis Norton, Former Capitola City Councilmember and RTC Commissioner*

Lowell Hurst, Councilmember Emeritus [ret], Former Mayor City of Watsonville*

Rebecca Garcia, Former Mayor, City of Watsonville, Santa Cruz County Justice and Gender Commission*

Jane Weed-Pomerantz, Former Mayor, City of Santa Cruz, Former Board, Positive Discipline Community Resources, Positive Discipline Association Lead Trainer*

Katherine Beiers, Former Santa Cruz City Councilmember, Mayor*

Tim Fitzmaurice, Former Santa Cruz City Councilmember, Mayor*

Chris Krohn, Former Santa Cruz City Councilmember*

Rachel Williams, District Democratic State Assembly Delegate*

Bodie Shargel, Democratic State Assembly Delegate*

Stephany E. Aguilar, Former Mayor, City of Scotts Valley*

Rob Moore, Los Gatos City Councilmember*


*affiliations are provided for identification purposes only and do not imply organizational endorsement unless otherwise noted

Community Leaders

Live Oak Educational Teacher's Association (LOETA)

Linda Wilshusen, Former Executive Director of the SCC Regional Transportation Commission, Live Oak History Walks*

Greg Stein, Principal, Live Oak Elementary School District*

Stacey Kyle, Founder, Live Oak Education Foundation*

Ken Smith, Founding Organizer COPA*

James Weller, Founding Member COPA*

Brian Murtha, Vice Chair, Commissioner Santa Cruz City Schools*

Dr. Gail Newel, Former Santa Cruz County Health Officer*

Paul Schoellhamer, Former Legislative Staff of the U.S. House of Representatives, Former Chief of Staff of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure*

Amanda Harris Altice, County Housing Advisory Commissioner*

Cyndi Dawson, Santa Cruz City Planning Commissioner*

Denise Holbert, Former Santa Cruz County Planning Commissioner, Alternate*

Janet Edwards, 1st District Representative, Elderly and Disabled Commission*

Paul Elerick, 2nd District Representative, Elderly and Disabled Commission*

Julie Olson-Edwards, Early Childhood Education Leader,  Visionary Leadership Award*

Colleen Young, Environmental Scientist for CDFW’s Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR), Marine Wildlife Veterinary Care and Research Center in Santa Cruz*

Esperanza Nee, Co-Founder, Dreamweavers UCSC; Santa Cruz Welcoming Network Treasurer, Retired*

Pauline Seales, Santa Cruz Climate Action Network*

Nancy Faulstich, Executive Director, Regeneración - Pajaro Valley Climate Action*

Geri Lieby, Former Director, Boulder Creek Recreation and Parks Department*

David Pais, Board Member, Ecology Action*

Sean Maxwell, Santa Cruz City Planning Commissioner*

Lee Brokaw, Board Member of ACLU Santa Cruz County*

Foster Andersen, Executive Director of Shared Adventures*

Sally Arnold, Soquel School District Teacher, Retired*

Joe Williams, Laboratory Assistant, Dominican Hospital*

Grace Voss, Former Bicycle Advisory Committee Commissioner*

Cheryl Williams, Co-Founder, Santa Cruz Black*

Joseph Busch, Urban Planner, County of Santa Cruz*

Gina Gallino Cole, Former Executive Director of Bike Santa Cruz County*

Nancy Macy, the Valley Women’s Club of San Lorenzo Valley, Environmental Committee, Chair*

Petra Mottishaw, Marine Biologist, Public Health Specialist*

Nora Hochman, Former Union Representative*

Faina Segal, Former Board Chair of Friends of the Rail & Trail*

Mark Weller, Director of Californians for Pesticide Reform*

Victoria Nobles, Family Network Preschool*

Debbie Bulger, Mission Pedestrian*

Debora Fudge, Board member, former two-time Chair of the Board, Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART)*

Sarah Anne Tisdale, LMFT, Encompass Community Services*

Yolanda Provoste, Live Oak Community Resources*

Kendall Sooter, Cabrillo College Professor*

Franco Picarella, Vice Chair at Peoples' Democratic Club of Santa Cruz County*

Dr. Ann Lopez, Executive Director, Center for Farmworker Families*

Glenn Glazer, Executive Board Member at California Democratic Party*

Thomas Sage Pedersen, Founder, Speak for Change, Ignite Nexus*

Zennon Ulyate-Crow, Transportation and Public Works Commissioner, City of Santa Cruz*

Melani Clark, CEO, Roaring Camp*

Peter Gelblum, ACLU Northern CA Board Member*

Teresa Buika, Former UCSC Senior Transportation Planner*

Cory Caletti, Former Senior Transportation Planner/Program Manager, SCC Regional Transportation Commission*

Pat Dellin, Former Deputy Director, SCC Regional Transportation Commission*

Elva Castaneda de Hall, Managing Director, Values Technology, Inc.*

Michael Wool, Founder, Slugs for Coast Connect*

Mary-Margaret Bierbaum, Monterey Superior Court Attorney-Mediator*

Wendy Hurst, Former Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), Former PVUSD bilingual teacher*

Gail Jack, Former Court Appointed Special Advocates of Santa Cruz County*

Phyllis Taub Greenleaf, Former Commissioner, Women’s Commission*

Rachel Kippen, Climate and Resilience, Alameda County, Former Climate Action Plan Equity Advisor*

Valerie Jensen Maass, Soquel Village Business Owner*

Wayne Norton, Community Advisory Council, Central Coast Community Energy*

Greg Larson, Current Parcel Tax Oversight Committee Member Former Director of the City of Santa Cruz, Former Chief Deputy Controller and Chief of Staff for the CA State Controller’s Office*

Ron Pomerantz, Former Fire Captain, San Jose Fire Department, ACLU Board Santa Cruz Chapter*

Albi Romero, Chemistry Program Chair, Cabrillo College, Cabrillo College Federation of Teachers, Committee on Political Education Chair, Chief Negotiator*

Tim Willoughby, Board, Housing Santa Cruz County*

Dr. Maria Mead, M.D. Family Medicine Specialist

David Wright, President, Board of Directors, Your Future is our Business*

Jessica Middour, Teacher, Live Oak Unified School District*

Myra Eastman, Artist, recipient of the Santa Cruz County Rydell Fellowship*

Rick Longinotti, Founder, Campaign for Sustainable Transportation*

Joy Flynn, Santa Cruz County Black Coalition for Justice and Racial Equity*

Cecilia Espinola, Former Human Services Director, Santa Cruz County*

Will Lightbourne, California Health Human Services Agency Advisor*

Betsy Allan, Board Member, Land Trust Santa Cruz County, National Center for Lesbian Rights and Equality California*

Maggie Duncan-Merrell, Former Santa Cruz Parks and Recreation Commissioner*

Celeste Gutierrez, Co-Chair , Pajaro Valley Democratic Club*

Becca Scheiblauer, Registered Nurse, IBCLC*

Doug Ardley, Clinical Services at Gateway Health Management*

Sean Shrum, Disability advocate and guide for blind athletes*

Ralph Alpert, Board and Advisory Council, The Diversity Center*

Dr. Kelli Beingesser, OB/GYN

Barry Pearlman, Chair, Historic Resources Commission (HRC)*

Larry Lopp, Founder of Santa Cruz Mountain Alliance*

*affiliations are provided for identification purposes only and do not imply organizational endorsement unless otherwise noted

A Supervisor for People and the Environment

"Lani is the hardest working person I know, and she always fights for the people and the environment."

- Chelsea

Lani takes the Holistic Approach

"I am so excited to have Lani Faulkner running for District 1 Supervisor! This district - and the entire county - deserves someone who will have a holistic approach to governing."

- Endorsing County Resident


Community Members

Meghan Arnold James Goring Rex Page
Nick Adams Gregory Graalfs Aren Pageler
Mary Allen Martha Graham-Waldon Sylvia Patience
Nick Alvarado JoyPhyl Greenleaf Willard  'Bill' Patterson
Tina Andreatta Sally Grey Peter Pascal
Julia Apgar Sara Grimes Roland Pascal
Robert Arko Stanley Grindstaff Jennifer Pitino
Ellen Aucoin-Unruhe Jacquy Griffith Michael Pooley
Sam Bahu Gregory Grimsich Jim Potterton
Robin Balowitz Lise Groleau
Lola Quiroga
Amanda Beach Karen Groppi Mathilde Rand
Laurie Becker Lorna Grundeman Zachary Raney
Quinn Becker
Michael Gutierrez Jan Reid
John Benito Bennett Hall David Ralley
Tina Bensky Elva Hall Ben Rice
Robin Belkin
John Hall Liz Ricks
Uriah Bertsch Andrea Halper Frank Rimicci
Len Beyea Josh Halper Sarah Ringler
Paul Binding
Vinnie Hansen Elliot Rivard
Linda Bingham Valen Harper
Daniel Roberts
Rene Bloch
Alan Hicks Carmen Robles
Michael Borg
Charles Hicks
Carlina Rose
Kate Bowland Jenny Heth Linda Rosewood
Jay Bowyer Eva Holt Kaki Rusmore
Chloe Bradburn Aidan Hosler Tony Russomanno
Paula Bradley
Cori Houston
Denise Ryan
Teresa Buika
Liz Iguizo Roland Saher
Christy Brandt Jonathan Cruz Ishii Michael Saint
Eli Brandt
Stanley Jackson Saladin Sale
Emrys Brandt
Danaher James Kristen Sandel
Bruce Bratton Barbara Jordan Ron Sandidge
Jane Bruce-Munro Betsy Jones Rosemary Sarka
Eva Brunner Douglas Jones Joy Schendledecker
John Caletti Jean-Marc Jot Chris Schneiter
Judy Cassada
Sue Kaufmann Norman Schutzberger
Julie Castro-Orozco Michael and Magi Kaplan/Bollock Barry Scott 
Nikki Cardenas
Pete Kennedy Peter Scott
Sheila Carrillo Steven King Vanita Seth
Sarah Carvill Wendy King Coleman Segal
Susan Cavalieri Lo Klauer Melody Sharp
Martha Chubb Mary Anne Kramer-Urner Peg Shemaria
Eileen Clark-Nagaoka Kayla Kumar Austin Sherwood
Trician Comings Unhae Langis Elizabeth Sikes
Ted Cocheu Susan Lantis Carol Skolnick
Allison Cohen David Larkin Tony & Debra Sloss
Roberta Cohen
Greg Larson Janie Soito
Sally Grancich Cole Michael Leavy Joan Speckert
Carolyn and Curtis Coleman Bill LeBon Sam Spagnola
Brian Conner Burt Levitsky Daniel Spelce
Diana Conner Elise Locke Liz Starkey
Connie Croker
Andrea London Tom Starkey
Richard Crosley Leslye Love Joel Steinberg
Kathryn Crowe
Deborah Luhrman Ralph Steinberg
James Danaher Ashley Maass Leslie Steiner
Jeremiah Daniels
Martha McCambridge Sally Steiner Bowyer
Natalie Dean Kristin MacDonald
Terry Stockwell
David Decher Paula Mack Richard Stover
Robert deFreitas Elizabeth Malmborg Marissa Swett
Lori Dettling Patricia Manning
Sasha Talavera
Ben Dettling Sandee Manuelvantassel David Tannaci
Marilyn Diamond Héctor Marin Cristina Thorson
Roger Difoggio Annette Marines Beatriz Tijero
Jane Doyle Catherine Marino
Ronnie Trubek
Diane Dryer Susan Martinez Patrick True
Lynn Dunn
Robert "Buck" Martone Summer Vanslager
Jennie Dusheck Prudence Masseth Rita Walker Bryant
Janet Edwards John Matthews Mary Washwell
Peter Elsea Sandra McCann Nancy Washwell
Lynn Falcon Lee Mclaughlin Christine Weir
Matt Farrell Payson McNett Mitali Weiglein
Nainoa Faulkner-Jackson
Melissa Milazzo Russell Weisz
Mary Finn Dave Misunas Stephanie Wells
Nancy Forsberg Jim Montoya Brad Wiles
Brandt Frandle Bob Morgan Samantha Wildman
Graham Freeman Daphne Morrissey
Quinn Wildman
Katherine Freeman Ros Munro Bennett Williamson
Ed Frey Keiji Muramoto Hannah Wilson-James
Laura Friend Heather Murphy
Deb Wirkman
Tara Gasta Sean Murray Dukh Whipp
Laurence Gathy Linda Neher Peter Whitford
Fred Geiger Peter Newton Virginia Wright
Chelsea George Sandra Nichols Judith Yokel
Peter Gibson Joyce Nicholson David Yule
Barbara Ginsberg
Meilin Obinata Ann Marie Zacharias
Judy Gittelsohn Maureen O’Connell Laura Zucker
Nancy Glock-Grueneich Mary Offermann Mary Ødegaard
Natalie Goff David Osterhoudt  

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