I am an enthusiastic champion of the Coastal Rail Trail and have been for many years. Now more than ever, I'm convinced that the multi-use Trail alongside clean-energy Electric Passenger Rail will, together, become the anchor for how people live and get around on the sunny side of our scenic Monterey Bay.

Lani Faulkner knows the value of the Coastal Rail and Trail. Lani is the founder of Equity Transit and has been an effective advocate for the rail, walking, biking and bus transportation options we all will need as we face the future of an unpredictable climate and continuing natural disasters. Lani is fully engaged in efforts to ensure that local families, teens, older adults, and others have access to safe and affordable transportation, housing, emergency services, parks, shopping and local schools.

Santa Cruz County residents need the knowledge and support of a County Supervisor who understands the challenges and complexities of life in today’s world. As a Member of Congress representing the Central Coast for twenty-three years, I know these challenges are only becoming more and more difficult. We need leaders with varied backgrounds and experience to be able to meet the future with knowledge as well as with kindness.

I strongly urge 1st District voters in Santa Cruz County to VOTE FOR LANI FAULKNER FOR COUNTY SUPERVISOR in March 2024.

SAM FARR, Member of Congress, 1993-2016

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